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Waste Management


Fly Ash Management

Fly ash is the major solid waste generate from the captive power plants. For better management of fly ash we judiciously follow the Fly ash notification. With effective measures entire fly as is utilised by supplying to cement manufacturer, brick manufacturer, filling of low lying area and abandoned stone quarry void. Fly ash is transported through closed tankers and covered tippers.


E-waste Management

As a bulk consumer of the electrical and electronics gazettes. We generate some quantity of E-waste from our plant. To comply with E-waste management rule we have engaged authorized E-waste recycler for segregation, collection and disposal as per norms.

Hazardous waste management

In view of the sound waste management and statutory requirement the company send different hazardous waste to the secured landfill site and to the authorized recycler as per the guidelines.

Other Solid waste management

Coal washery rejects and DRI Char is completely utilised in captive power plants.
BF Slag is completely sold to cement manufacturers. The metallic content from SMS Slag is recovered and reused in sinter plant
Pollution control equipment dust ,mill scales, granulated iron oxide recycle in sinter plant.
Other non utilisable non hazardous solid waste is disposed in designated disposal site in a scientific manner, covered with top soil and coir mats and plantation is developed to restore a eco friendly environment.