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The integrated power and steel project at Orissa is a landmark in the nation’s infrastructure development.

It combines our deep expertise with the best technology that the world offers to integrate the entire steel manufacturing process – from mining to the production of value-added products. It also generates captive power using gases from the process.


  • Proposed facilities in close proximity of two bulk inputs i.e. iron ore and coal to minimize input freight
  • Already been allotted three adjoining non-coking coal blocks at nearby Jamkhani, Bijhan in Orissa,and Patal East in Jharkhand and has got one coking coal block at Rohne in Jharkhand, providing added logistic advantage in mining. Iron ore mines at Chatupura, Jharkhand has been alloted.
  • Captive and inexpensive power generation using hot gases from sponge iron kilns and unusable coal
  • Operating synergy enhanced by captive coal washery that processes locally available coal to ensure uninterrupted supplies and lower costs
  • Captive limestone reduces cost further.
  • Use of Iron Ore fines in making sinter, for use in blast furnace.
  • With hot metal infusion into EAF, exothermic reaction gives quicker steel production and enhances capacity without additional capex.
  • Captive coke oven plant to reduce import costs
  • The power consumption for EAF Steel melting reduces from around 800 units/pmt to about 400 units, providing cost efficiency.
  • Large reduction in consumption of expensive consumables like electrodes and refractories.
  • With added capacities for both long and flat products, Bhushan Power & Steel will emerge as a completely integrated, wider range player with a long term competitive edge.